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Increase Your Diversity Spend While Enhancing Patient Care

Partners for nearly two decades, Caracal and Taylor Healthcare deliver a vast array of healthcare products and services through a qualified Tier 1 and Tier 2 spending relationship.


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Diversity Spend At A Glance

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is about fostering a workplace culture that respects the unique needs, contributions and perspectives of all individuals. For a healthcare organization, this includes the purchasing decisions made when sourcing the countless products and services “consumed” in the delivery of patient care.

How do hospitals set diversity spend goals?

Diversity spend goals are set independently by each healthcare organization, typically by senior executive leaders. An internal supplier diversity team or other empowered group will then work with the company's purchasing organization to identify, vet and influence the use of minority business enterprises (MBEs) in a way that leads to spending goal achievement.

What is Tier 1 spend?

Tier 1 spend represents the total amount of procurement dollars that a healthcare organization spends directly with a certified diverse supplier such as Caracal.

What is Tier 2 spend?

Tier 2 spend represents the total amount of procurement dollars that a healthcare organization spends with an organization such as Taylor Healthcare, who then sources the products and services from a certified diverse supplier.

How can Caracal & Taylor Healthcare help with your diversity spend goals?

The combination of Caracal and Taylor Healthcare offers you an unmatched level of diversity spending flexibility. By sourcing from Taylor Healthcare, Caracal can deliver Taylor Healthcare’s products and services to you as qualified Tier 1 diversity spending. This is in addition to Caracal’s own, fast-growing assortment of private-label healthcare products.

Solution Categories
Labels & Wristbands

Procure all of the labels and wristbands needed for the entire continuum of care, from admissions processes and patient charting to specialized pharmacy and lab labels.

Print Management

See how fast and cost-efficient corporate print programs can be when sourced through one of the nation’s largest and most advanced print services providers.

Apparel & PPE

Protect and motivate your care teams with branded apparel items and high-quality PPE products including gloves, gowns, masks and more.

Branding & Marketing

Build your brand in the community with corporate identity products, direct mail campaigns, sophisticated data analytics and digital marketing services.

Warehousing, Kitting & Distribution

Enjoy secure warehousing, complex kitting and turnkey fulfillment and shipping services through a nationwide network of distribution centers.