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Welcome to The Art of Marketing Operations, a Taylor podcast. Here you can grow your knowledge about marketing operations, listen to ideas and strategies to help you scale, grow, and optimize your efficiency, drive your speed to market, and enrich your work life.

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Glenn Bottomly

Recent Posts

May 30, 2023 11:06:53 AM

Ep: 50 - Operational Excellence in Marketing: How to Get There

Operationally excellent functions can supercharge your business, launching teams towards efficiency and distinction. Unfortunately, this rhythm of strong practices with plans, goals, measurements ...

May 23, 2023 10:05:36 AM

Ep: 49 - Fearlessness, Functionality, Fortitude: The Recipe for Workplace Success

Fight. Flight. Freeze. When you’re afraid, how do you respond? What’s more, when the fear kicks in while you’re on the job, how do you work through that response?

May 16, 2023 8:55:38 AM

Ep: 48 - Effectiveness Over Efficiency: Finding Balance in Marketing

These days, Martech provides marketers with plenty of time-saving tools that promise to free them up to spend more time on the human aspects of their job. 

May 9, 2023 9:21:14 AM

Ep: 47 - Fighting Imposter Syndrome and Staying Relevant in Marketing Ops

Marketing ops is a fantastic, stable career path, and hiring for its essential skills is something every business should be doing.

May 2, 2023 10:28:05 AM

Ep: 46 - Podcasting Power: A Mighty Medium for Marketing Ops

Why did we start a podcast? It wasn’t just because it’s fun (even though it is).

Apr 25, 2023 9:46:30 AM

Ep: 45 - Content Marketing: Why Video is Your Most Valuable Tool

If you’re a content marketer, video is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. But video is constantly evolving — and AI, another potent engine, promises to revolutionize the industry.

Apr 12, 2023 3:33:36 PM

Ep: 44 - Connection Is the Key to Healing Your Marketing Ops

In healthcare, your tech stack should serve your patients — not strain your patience.

Mar 14, 2023 1:16:55 PM

Ep: 43 - Data- Driven Decision Making: The Key to Marketing Ops Success

One significant sign of a successful triumvirate of data processing systems: scalability. Without data analysis and metrics, you can’t succeed. 

Feb 7, 2023 1:57:04 PM

Ep: 42 - Can AI-Driven Content Be Good for Marketing?

OpenAI has been given a big boost with the launch of programs like ChatGPT and everyone is buzzing (or complaining) about its potential. 

Dec 19, 2022 1:52:39 PM

Ep: 41 - Brand Marketing for Crowded Markets

Coffee is a competitive market these days and leveling up your game in the industry puts you up against some big players who have deep brand loyalty. So how can your brand stand out in crowded ...

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