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Customer Communications Management Solutions

Trust your critical communications to a proven industry leader.

The critical communications workflow is one of the most complex business processes. Work with a partner that can help you flawlessly compose and deliver your customer communications.


Customer Communications Solutions

For more than 50 years, Taylor has helped organizations deliver customer communications
with the highest levels of accuracy, security and compliance. Many of them are brands
you interact with every day.

CCM Outbound Communications Model

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CCM interactions happen through a wide range of functions and phases. Each one is an important piece of the customer communications journey.


Data Standardization

  • Improved data collection
  • One platform for all data inputs

Page Composition

  • Static and variable data points
  • Self-service platform

Communication Production

  • Custom, data-driven messaging
  • Accurate and timely delivery


  • 24/7 visibility to all workflows
  • Accessed in one convenient portal


  • Omnichannel delivery solutions
  • Email, text, and personalized videos

Document Editing

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Create and edit documents 24/7

Content Management

  • AI-guided communication clarity
  • Document template consolidation
A concise diagram of the CCM outbound communications model, illustrating its key components and their interconnectedness.

Taylor’s Core CCM Capabilities

Document Management
Document Management

Self-service document management tools

Production Services
Production Services

Production services, including print and mail, electronic delivery, and reporting


Integration with source systems, delivery systems and applications


Security and disaster recovery

Taylor has a pair of businesses dedicated to providing organizations with end-to-end
customer communications solutions: Neps™ and Venture Solutions™.

Document Design & Template Management

Neps collaborates with you to develop the best designs, version controls and personalization methods for your critical communications.


  • Real-Time Document Composition
  • Communication Clarity & Information Design Practice
  • Template Rationalization
  • Document Layout & Design
  • Automated Customer Process Build-Out
  • User-Friendly Self-Service Platforms

Communications Execution

Venture Solutions works with you to produce and deliver secure and personalized communications through synchronized channels.


  • Data Standardization Solutions
  • Print & Mail Optimization Services
  • Omnichannel Communications Delivery
  • E-Adoption Engagement Strategies
  • Document Archival Services
  • Preference Management Programs

Customer Communications Management (CCM)

Secure information through secure channels.

Unlike direct mail and commercial printing, CCM has many unique factors and risks surrounding regulatory compliance, data security and mailing accuracy.

Customer data and personal information must be safely stored and transmitted. This requires intense security measures such as encryption, firewalls and multi-factor identification. In addition to data protection, businesses must stay compliant with government, industry and internal regulations.

A seamless omnichannel experience.

In addition to the protection of sensitive data, CCM ensures that businesses provide their customers with critical information at the right time and through the right channel.

Customers expect to be able to switch from one channel to the other when viewing their personal information and when they receive other personalized communications. The digital platforms needed to deliver an omnichannel experience are now more important than ever for CCM.

Customer Communications
Management Software

When you are looking for customer communications management software, you need a
recognized leader with a reliable and proven platform.

Neps provides all the services and solutions you need to prepare your files for production.


Hosted Managed Services for CCM

Synchronize all of your customer-facing communications.

Template and Content Rationalization

Simplify your workflow by consolidating documents where you can.

Statement Redesign

Find the right placement, phrasing, fonts, styles and more.

Omnichannel Delivery

Deliver a seamless customer experience with a synchronized print and digital output.

Content Analysis

Improve readability and eliminate redundancies.

Self-Service Platform

Control the design and delivery of your content from anywhere.

CCM Solutions

Venture Solutions specializes in the secure delivery of your sensitive documents. Here you’ll
have total transparency and control of your customer communications.


Digital Print & Mail

Choose the solution that best meets your needs.



Digitization saves you money and increases accessibility for your customers.


Email and SMS Text

Catch customers on the go by integrating your print communications with email and text messaging.


Personalized Video Communications™

Deliver personalized messages to your customers like never before.

Venture ePay

Venture ePay

Manage inbound and outbound transactions with a single platform.

You’ve found your trusted partner for your CCM.

What to Look for in a CCM Partner

Document Composition and Migration

Customize the content and layouts for all your messaging, and seamlessly move your existing communications to your new platform.


Track the performance metrics of your CCM programs with both standard and customized options for real-time reporting.

Omnichannel Delivery

Deliver communications on an individual basis through channels such as print, email, SMS, personalized videos and online viewing.

Seamless Integration

Ensure your CCM platform can integrate smoothly with your current enterprise system to synchronize with current customer information.


Work with our consultative teams to reduce costs and streamline delivery of your communications by increasing your e-adoption performance.

Integrated Production Workflow

Take complete control of an end-to-end process that includes content creation, approvals, version control, scheduling and delivery.

Partnership Manages Risk and Optimizes Resources

Outsourcing print operations drastically reduces overhead costs.


Digital transformation, labor management and disaster recovery options are leading companies with in-plant operations to reassess their approach.


The requests to shift print production to Taylor have increased.


Customer stress levels decreased as supply chain management shifted to Taylor.


Investments that typically went into internal print were freed up to use elsewhere.

CCM Resource Library

Your source for success stories, design and delivery strategies, and all things CCM.

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