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Omnichannel Communications

From browsing to buying and beyond.
Create seamless experiences through interconnected communication channels. Take customers on a journey built on their preferences and 1:1 interaction.
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Customer Communications Management

Powered by Data-Driven Marketing

Timing is everything. We'll help you build omnichannel marketing strategies that let you reach customers at exactly the right moment.


Use buyer journey mapping to guarantee engagement at every life stage.


Consolidate omnichannel communication campaigns and data on a single dashboard.


Let performance and data analytics tell you what's working and what's not.

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Identify patterns and discover behaviors that no one else can see.

Omnichannel Communications by Industry


Keep deposit rates high and spending rates low.

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Marketing strategies and digital campaigns find and engage young adults on the move.

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Hyper-personalized communications deliver customer service that commercial banks cannot match.

Data-driven marketing techniques increase the return on each marketing dollar spent.


Access the industry's leading shopper database.

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Lead generation has never been easier with real-time shopper data identifying the most promising buyers.

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Easy cross-channel campaigns engage shoppers as soon as they're in-market.

Personalized communications keep the conversation going during and after the buying process.


Break the boundaries of online vs. offline shopping.

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Know who is shopping for your products and services - and who is shopping with your competitors.

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Provide seamless customer experiences at every touchpoint - from the online shop to the brick and mortar store.

Develop marketing campaigns as distinct as every customer.

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Top brands trust Taylor to deliver true omnichannel experiences using deeper customer insight and industry-specific strategies. You can, too.


New Customer Acquisition Campaigns

Omnichannel Marketing Approach Raises Brand Awareness and Revenue

A credit union was looking to add new members, but competition from commercial banks and a limited budget was holding them back. Taylor came up with a two-part plan to make sure the most was made of every dollar invested.

  • Consumers searching for financial services were targeted with a multi-touch direct mail and email campaign.
  • A highly customized Facebook campaign focused on look-alike prospects and in-market shoppers of financial services.
Credit Union Campaign

Record number

of new mortgage loans


Record number

of new savings accounts


Significantly increased

foot traffic to branch locations

Credit Union Signage

Not Just Another Marketing Data Analytics Company

When we're talking data, what we're really talking about is responsibility. You won't - and shouldn't - share your data with just anyone. It's one of your most valuable assets. It's a good thing we're not just anyone.

An Omnichannel Communications Partner You Can Trust

For more than 30 years, organizations the world over have trusted Taylor with their data. We've been the go-to marketing analytics consultant for many of the top brands in major markets.

You'll always own your data, and we will not share it with anyone else.


Use Marketing Data Analytics in Your Communications Programs


Mover 2.0

Reach prospects an average of 14 days sooner than traditional new mover sources and access verified pre-mover information 2-6 weeks ahead of time.


Active Shopper Advantage

Data analysis lets you see who's in the market for your products - and those of your competitors.


New Customer Acquisition

A personalized experience through multiple channels makes sure you make the sale and keep the customer.


Purchase Intent Triggers

Get more granular than ever before with life-event data your marketing teams can use to reach customers at precisely the right time.


Cross-Sell Campaigns

Predicting future purchases and needs through buyer journey mapping builds customer loyalty.


Win-Back Campaigns

Multiple channels to reengage lapsed customers and bring them back to your online shop or physical store.


AutoNet Direct

The industry’s leading source of complete automotive and auto-related shopper data lets you find customers when they're in-market. 

Digital Marketing Analytics

Omnichannel Communications Management Dashboard

Manage every aspect of your marketing campaigns in our all-in-one platform.

You'll be in complete control when it comes to initiating campaigns, monitoring progress and determining your next steps.

And don't worry about integration. Our dashboard will seamlessly pair with your existing technology to collect the quantitative data you need to make informed decisions.

Digital Marketing Analytics
Digital Marketing Analytics

Marketing Data Analytics

Marketing Data Analytics

Customer Profiles

Deeper knowledge of your targeted audience lets you deliver a more personalized experience at every touchpoint.

Customer Journey Mapping

Your guide to determining where customers are in the buyer lifecycle and exactly what information needs to be presented.


Cluster analysis tools use your data points to define unique groups and the demographics associated with each one.

Performance Marketing

Access to metrics in real time lets you direct and follow your campaigns while they're in progress.


IBM SPSS Neural Networks modeling tools provide data modeling that enable you to discover complex relationships in your data.


Collect and evaluate demographics, psychographics, household buying behaviors, life-stage triggers, geography and more.

Marketing Technology

Everything from complex customer and prospect data platforms for omnichannel marketing to basic introductory landing pages.

Customer Journey Analytics

Omnichannel Marketing Campaign Brings $16 Million in Revenue

A retailer was looking to reach new customers with a promotional discount offer. But this time, the results needed to outperform previous campaigns.

Taylor collected 12 months of active customer data to create four customer life-stage personas. Based on these, we designed a hyper-personalized distribution strategy to reach potential customers.

Customer Journey Analytics

Response rate of 2.49%

beat the industry average.


13,000 individual sales

and $15.9 million in revenue.


Triggered data and AI data

generated lifts of 219% and 289%.

Marketing Data Analytics Consulting When You Need It

You may already have vendors for your direct mail or email marketing. We completely understand. You can continue using them while also working with Taylor.

We're more than happy to provide our marketing analytics services for the campaigns you have in progress with your current providers. We'd love to know what your goals are and how we can help.


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Make it easy for customers to interact with you by unifying your channels of communication.


Direct Mail

Direct mail has proven to have a higher ROI than email, and always works best when part of an omnichannel campaign.


Gift & Loyalty

Complement your omnichannel approach with a complete card fulfillment program that rewards customers and keeps them engaged.


Customer Communications

Give customers peace of mind with seamless and secure delivery regardless of their preferred channel of communication.

Frequently Asked Omnichannel Communications Questions

What’s the difference between omnichannel and multichannel marketing?
The biggest difference between the two is the focus. While multichannel marketing does employ some of the same tactics as omnichannel, its main goal is driving your brand to the customer with a common message through individual channels. However, there is often no connection between them.

  • For instance, you might advertise a sale in a blog, social post and in an email. So the customer will see the offer in these channels, but they are very much in their own separate lanes.
Omnichannel marketing focuses on the customer, instead driving them toward your brand by unifying your channels of communication to guide them on their buyer journey.

  • An example of this would be advertising a sale on social media, then having the customer be directed to your website where they are offered a promo code and then asked to opt in for email updates from your company based on their purchases.
The interconnectedness of the channels is the key, and sets you up to keep the conversation going with personalized communications and deliver messages based on the customer’s preferred channel. This approach gives your digital and physical spaces a cohesive image and voice, resulting in a seamless experience for customers whenever and however they interact with your brand.
How can Taylor help us with our omnichannel marketing campaigns?
Taylor’s holistic approach provides you with the creative services, personalization technology and omnichannel tools you need to maximize your campaign ROI. From direct mail and email marketing to SMS text and social media platforms, we will provide a throughline that delivers a seamless experience to your customers. Our aim is to guarantee they enjoy consistent messaging and the same level of interaction with your brand regardless of which channel they prefer to engage in, as well as hyper-personalization that lets you connect with customers based on where they are in their shopping journey and, more importantly, in their lives overall.

The beauty of it is that you can use data you already have. When you're working with an omnichannel strategy, you can collect customer data from several different areas: social media, mailing lists, point-of-sale systems, loyalty programs and more. This data lets you analyze your customers’ actions and interests, and can be used to inform your marketing campaigns. Analyzing omnichannel data also allows you to identify and focus on the most profitable communication channels.
Will Taylor share my data?
Absolutely not. For more than 30 years, we have been a trusted digital marketing analytics consultant to top brands around the world. We operate with strict confidentiality and only use the information that you opt in with. And once the consultation and/or campaign is finished, we will not retain or share any of the data utilized in the process.
What is Taylor’s Marketing Advantage Program?
Taylor’s Marketing Advantage Program is a systematic approach to leveraging valuable data for effective marketing outreach. It combines access to new shopping intelligence — including your competitors’ shopper data — with turnkey tools to enable hyper-targeted communications that turn shoppers into customers.

Our Marketing Advantage Program provides access to your most active shoppers as well as those of your competitors. Leverage this competitive intelligence to engage them with timely, omnichannel communications and special offers from your brand.

  • Active Shopper Advantage (ASA)
    Reach and convert shoppers actively seeking your or your competitors’ products and services online.

  • New Customer Acquisition (NCA)
    Reach ideal prospects with tactics such as geotargeting, purchasing triggers, demographics and analytics.

  • Customer Cross-Sell Advantage (CXA)
    Predict the product your customer is most likely to purchase next.

  • Customer Win-Back Advantage (CWA)
    Boost your engagement with dormant customers and give your business the growth you need.
Can you ensure our secure communications are protected?
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of providers offering secure document programs. What do they all have in common? Many of the technologies they use were developed and perfected by Taylor. We continue to be a leader in fraud prevention and secure document production, using our expertise to support clients and eliminate fraud risk. Our mission is to offer best-in-class protection to customers, employers and employees. Our facility and data security standards are unwavering and we regularly test our business continuity plan. You can rest assured that your customer information is as safe with us as it is with your company.
Is there any software or a platform that we need to work with Taylor?
Yes. When you partner with Taylor, you’ll have full access to our mpwrgrowth marketing platform. Through one single integration, you’ll be able to view and track your omnichannel campaigns in real time. Our dashboard will highlight the performance of your direct mail, email and digital ad efforts.

Getting even more granular, you’ll be provided with attribution statistics and so you can determine which areas are experiencing the best ROI and conversion rates. We also highlight the total number of prospects targeted for a given campaign, the channels used to reach them and even the data sources used to identify them.