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Custom Label Printing

The only partner you need for your labeling solutions.

Grow your business and raise your ROI by improving label performance and lowering total costs. Work with one of the world’s leading label suppliers to raise brand awareness and build trust through your printed product labels.


For more than 100 years, Taylor has been the trusted label partner
and consultant to many of the world’s leading brands.


“We were referred to Taylor by another winery and I’m glad we were.
The quality of their work on our labels speaks for itself.”

Nikki Harris
General Manager, Pur Noire Wines

Benefits of a Comprehensive Label Provider

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Supply Chain Management

Demand forecasting systems to meet seasonal demand and avoid line-down situations.

Versatile Production

Industry-leading printing technology for shorter lead times and quick design changes. 

Materials Science Expertise

The right material specifications to meet the demands of each label application.

Agency Compliance

UL, cUL, CSA and ANSI expertise to ensure your label designs are always in compliance.

Custom Label Products

Labels shape the customer experience with your products. Matching the
right type with the right application is a must. Our experts collaborate with
you to identify the specific requirements of each label needed and
determine the best choice for your products.

Durable Labels

Durable labels are used for many domestic and industrial products. They’re made to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals, and harsh mechanical and outdoor conditions. They can be permanent or removable, and are made to last the lifetime of a product.

In-Mold Labels

In-mold labeling is a process in which injection-molded plastic parts or components are labeled during the injection molding cycle. The label becomes an integral part of the final product, which can then be delivered as a pre-decorated item.


Retail Labels

Retail labels combine aesthetics and functionality to identify and inform customers about your products. They can be used for a wide range of items, and include logo, branding, price and more information essential to consumers. 

Some of the most widely used retail labels include RFID and smart labels, thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels and shelf labels.


RFID & Smart Labels 

Radio frequency identification (RFID) labels use radio waves to identify, track and monitor products. They store a large range of information and when scanned, RFID labels allow you to follow your products in transit, and enhance your supply chain visibility.

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Distribution Labels

Operate your warehouse more efficiently and lower costs at the same time. Make storage and shipping easier with labels designed to fit the application - not the other way around.


Shipping Labels

Keep the flow of goods and revenue moving with labels that clearly display shipping, identification and consumer information.

Logistics Labels

Logistics labels are one of the most vital links in your supply chain. They communicate crucial information for product identification, shipment tracking, inventory management and more.

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Specialty Foods and Beverage Labels

The labels you use are often the first impression consumers have of your products, which makes them just as important as what’s inside.


Wine Labels

In a marketplace where thousands of options are displayed side by side, having an impactful label can make the difference between a sale and remaining on the shelf. .

Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Pressure-sensitive labels are a lot like stickers in that they require pressure to form a bond between the adhesive and your product. The self-adhesive properties of these labels mean that no heat, solvent or water is needed for them to adhere to a product.


Roll Fed Labels

Roll-fed labels are film wraparound labels that don’t require any adhesive or plate changing costs, which means less waste and more savings for you. They are ideal for high-speed, high-volume runs for consumer products of all sizes.


Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeves are labels that give your products full-body coverage and 360-degree branding. They provide a seamless fit that contours to any size and shape. Shrink sleeves also help you save money as they eliminate the need for custom-printed containers.

Healthcare Labels

Some hospitals and health systems use as many as 50 label suppliers. Reduce your risk and
your total spend while improving patient satisfaction and care by sourcing your healthcare
labels through a single partner.


Pharmacy Labels

33% of patient medication errors occur due to labeling issues. Our experts ensure your pharmacy labels communicate important information about medications clearly and accurately.

Laboratory Labels

We know how critical lab labels are for technicians, doctors and patients alike. Our labeling products are engineered to aid in the fast, accurate handling of research, testing and treatment.

Patient Identification Labels & Wristbands

Hospitals can save up to 20% on their patient label spend with our Patient ID program. We’ll help you meet your patient safety goals from the point of admission through discharge.

Vehicle Labels

Vehicle and other automotive labeling solutions must comply with government
requirements and regulations. They also must be designed to both be durable and simplify
the combination of form and label materials.


Monroney Labels

Taylor, a top provider of Monroney labels and automotive labeling solutions, delivers vital information to car buyers via window stickers. Key details include price, mileage, fuel economy, options, and more.

Parking Labels

Parking labels are used to manage and organize parking areas and validate parking based on designated access.

Durable Automotive Labels

Durable automotive labels are used for alternators, starter motors, cables, harnesses and other vehicle part applications that need to withstand demanding internal and external environments.

Registration Labels

Registration decals display essential information such as vehicle details, expiration date and verify the vehicle is legally registered with the appropriate authorities.

Eco-Friendly Labels / Sustainable Labels

Taylor is always pursuing sustainability strategies to reduce the environmental footprint of label production.

We offer sustainable raw materials that make your labels more environmentally friendly, and continually invest in recyclable substrates and advances in digital label press technology.

Thin-Stock Labels

Our label constructions are up to 50% thinner than conventional labels, which saves on printer changeovers, landfill waste, storage requirements and transportation costs.

Shelf Labels

We use ultra-thin, non-vinyl polyester that contains up to 30% post-industrial content. The 1.0 mil thickness reduces waste and its lighter weight saves on shipping costs.

Linerless Labels

Our linerless labels eliminate 50% of normally discarded material and reduce roll change costs with rolls that are 75% longer. You’re also able to get a label cut to the exact length needed.


Label Safety & Compliance

Whether you need UL certified materials, ANSI design compliance, a
basic compliance statement or a Full Material Disclosure, our
consultants can help you through both the straightforward and
complex aspects of safety, security and compliance.

Our Label Certifications and Proficiencies

  • Checkmark - Taylor

    Agency compliance expertise in
    ANSI, UL, cUL, CSA and GHS

  • Checkmark - Taylor

    Knowledgeable and compliant in REACH,
    RoHS, conflict minerals and California Prop 65

  • Checkmark - Taylor

    SFI®/FSC® certified and we work with
    certified suppliers

  • Checkmark - Taylor

    ISO/T S1694 and ISO 9001:2008

  • Checkmark - Taylor

    Members of the ANSI Z535 board


Labeling Programs

We combine our decades of experience with industry-leading technology to build
comprehensive labeling solutions that help you reduce costs and eliminate line-down risks.


Methodical Assessment of Printed Parts and Processes

We use this process for every client we work with. In order to maximize your savings and efficiency, our experts perform an in-depth analysis of every part of your label program.

Our experts analyze the form, fit and function of every label you use to find opportunities for material consolidation, re-engineering and substitution, die size reductions, and migration to digital. We do this in six steps:

  1. Pre-assessment data gathering
  2. Plant-level assessment
  3. Data entry/specification including samples, engineering prints and performance requirements
  4. Cost reduction and project identification
  5. Formalized cost savings report
  6. Implementation

Digital Label Printing

We’ll help you identify which labels are primed to make the switch to digital,
and you’ll save on costs by reducing waste, obsolescence and aging materials
- and possibly the need to warehouse material at all.


On-Demand Labels

Order large or small quantities with no cost impact through a streamlined process that enables both accelerated turnaround times and easy spec updates through simple drawing changes.

Digital Durable Labels

You can also lower your total spend by going digital. By working with our label experts to determine which labels would benefit from converting to digital production, you’ll lower your warehousing costs, and eliminate fees for tooling, ink changes and printing plates.

Just-in-Time Label Delivery

Our digital on-demand label program facilitates JIT delivery when you need it most. We eliminate bottlenecks and high costs associated with storage and distribution.

Label Printers and Supplies

Taylor works with all major OEM printer manufacturers to offer a complete
line of label printers, toners, ribbons and more. For even more imaging and
printer supplies, take a look at our supplies management brochure.

Label Printers

  • Thermal transfer printers
  • Direct thermal printers
  • Hewlett-Packard laser printers and MFPs
  • Lexmark laser printers and MFPs
  • Brother laser printers and MFPs
  • DYMO® and Zebra printers

Thermal Transfer

  • General purpose wax
  • Premium wax/resin
  • Super premium resin

OEM, Inkjet and Compatible Toners

  • Lexmark
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Xerox, Brother, Epson Okidata
    and many more

Choosing a Label Provider

We combine our decades of experience with industry-leading technology to build
comprehensive labeling solutions that help you reduce costs and eliminate line-down risks.

Account Management

A dedicated account team will be structured for your specific needs and objectives. They’ll have the assets, tools and technologies to ensure efficiency in everything from label concept to completion.

Quarterly Business Reviews

By examining data and analytics, you'll be able to identify trends, hot products and new strategies to help you meet your marketing ROI goals.

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