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Material Matters from Taylor - Q2 2024

We want to keep our partners in the loop regarding the latest sourcing trends, market developments and the overall state of supply chains today.

That’s why we created Material Matters.

MM Q2 Cover Image 1

Sourcing and Supply Chain Updates

Material Matters takes an in-depth look at the factors impacting paper, label, packaging, logistics, promotional and import markets.


Information You Need

Get the inside track on the latest sourcing news that can help you keep business running smoothly and improve your ROI.


Quarterly Market Updates

Every quarter, you’ll receive a new edition of Material Matters detailing the latest supply chain developments and how they impact your business.


Pricing by Industry

Material Matters also contains a pricing index highlighting the most recent changes in major markets.

Almost there!

The Q2 edition of Material Matters
is just a few clicks away.