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Lenticular Print: A Marketing Technique Whose Time Has Come


Lenticular printing effects like flip images, 3D and animations make lenticular print a powerful tactic for a wide range of marketing campaigns.

Lenticular printing technology was invented more than a century ago but didn’t become popular until recent years. The magic of lenticular print makes a flat image come to life through visual effects ranging from zooms, morphs and animations to stunningly realistic 3D imagery.

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It’s all about the precise alignment of a specially printed image and a clear plastic lens that’s been embossed with tiny ridges or grooves (“lenticules”). The ridges refract light in different directions, creating the illusion of movement or depth as the image is viewed from different angles.

Lenticular Print in Marketing Campaigns

Lenticular printing is a powerful technique when applied to signage, print collateral and other marketing materials. The startling lenticular effects make it hard to look away and enable you to engage with a consumer on a deeper level. Best of all, recent advances in lenticular production technology make it cost-effective for a wide range of applications.

These three marketing campaigns from around the world illustrate how lenticular print is being used to build brands, engage fans and even deliver messages that have the potential to save lives.

Regatta Great Outdoors Signage

Regatta Great Outdoors is Britain’s foremost outdoor brand with 120 retail stores in 55 countries. Makers of “rugged gear for all adventures,” their marketing focuses on beautiful lifestyle photography of people hiking in the great outdoors.

It’s the perfect scenario for lenticular print. This video illustrates how signage for Regatta Great Outdoors can be made to flip from one image (e.g., a pair of classic welly “gumboots”) to a brand-building image of their targeted consumer in a scenic outdoor setting.

PASS FX Tickets and Entry Passes

Entry passes for concerts and sporting events are another natural application for lenticular print. Rather than distribute ordinary tickets or ID cards, why not provide something that enhances the experience and makes it even more memorable?

These PASS FX samples illustrate 3D printing effects that drive brand engagement, spark social media comments and open the door to premium-priced lenticular tickets as collectible items.

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Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk

The Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation (ANAR) in Spain was faced with a particularly daunting challenge. They wanted to use outdoor signage to promote a confidential telephone helpline to children at risk of abuse. However, those children might be in the presence of their adult abuser when viewing the signage.

Lenticular print provided the solution. An outdoor sign was created that offered one message when viewed from an adult height. However, when viewed from four feet off the ground — roughly the vantage point of a child — the image flipped to reveal a secret hidden message just for children, providing the telephone number and an invitation to call for help.

Bringing the Power of Lenticular Print to Marketing

Taylor maintains one of the largest and most sophisticated fleets of print production equipment in North America. For more than 20 years, these capabilities have included the specialized technology required for lenticular printing.

Blog Body Image – Lenticular Print 2Everything you need to add lenticular effects to your printed marketing materials can be found at Taylor including:

  • In-house designers trained in the special art of lenticular effects.
  • Deep knowledge of lenticular lenses and the related production technologies.
  • Digital halftone proofing, the most accurate lenticular proofing method available.

See for yourself what’s possible when lenticular printing is combined with direct mail, signs and graphics, folding carton packaging and more. Contact your Taylor representative to learn more

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