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Glen A. Taylor

Chairman and Founder


Born Entrepreneur

Glen Taylor, owner and founder, started his career with Carlson Wedding Service while attending college. He later purchased the business, assembled a passionate leadership team and dramatically expanded the firm’s capabilities through acquisitions and startups, bringing its spirit of ingenuity across markets and international borders.

Consistent Vision

Under Glen’s strategic vision and leadership teams for the past 40-plus years, Taylor Corporation's products, services and partnerships have taken many shapes and forms, but its core personality has not changed: Focus on the customer and create opportunity and security for Taylor employees.

As a result of Glen's passionate leadership and dedicated teams of employees, Taylor Corporation is one of the largest privately held companies in the U.S. and has evolved into a successful communications, marketing and interactive solutions provider.

Glen A. Taylor Foundation

Taylor Corporation helps millions of customers celebrate significant milestones and enables thousands of businesses to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. In a similar spirit, Taylor seeks to advance the well-being of individuals throughout the communities in which we live through leadership involvement, volunteerism and various sponsored events. Glen’s work on behalf of the YMCA, Jaycees, Chamber of Commerce and through the Glen A. Taylor Foundation is proof of his commitment to the community he continues to call home.

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