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Promotional Marketing

Don't just supply – inspire. Connect with your customers on new and personal levels that make you the source of originality and individuality they turn to in their decision-making process.

Promotional Hero

Branded Corporate Environments


Deliver Memorable Experiences

Make your events come to life. Taylor's experts can conceptualize and plan your next initiative or company event, and give you all the the necessary promotional marketing items to represent your brand.


Invest in Your People

Inspire trust, demonstrate respect and appreciation, and reward your most valuable asset – your employees.


Dress for Success

Create a line of apparel and accessories as unique as your products and services. Give employees and clients lifestyle and fashion choices they'll be proud to wear inside and outside the workplace.


Strengthen & Deepen Relationships

Mark the holidays and special occasions with personalized gifts for employees, customers and partners. Enhance your corporate giving capabilities.

Virtual Events Idea Book

Stay connected with employees and audiences the world over through engaging invitations, office sets, on-brand gifts and virtual rewards

Event Ideas from Taylor Promo

Bring your concept to life with curated products designed specifically to support the initiatives most important to your organization

Breast Cancer Awareness Idea Book

Think PINK with inventive and inspiring apparel, customized giveaways, office supplies, and themed protection and wellness kits that reinforce consciousness and encourage participation

Golf Tournament Guide

Organize your outings on and off the course using the perfect combination of equipment, giveaways and sponsorship opportunities that generate buzz and raise awareness, funds and competitive spirits

5 Hot Trends in Rewards and Recognition

Enhance engagement by raising the bar on your focus on personalization, frequency of rewards, publicizing awards and recognition, packaging and delivery, and messaging from senior management and leadership

Human Resources Idea Book

Use memorable merchandise and engaging communications that not only align with your organization's brand, but also connect and resonate with current employees and prospective job seekers

Doctors' Day Gift Guide

Thank physicians and nurses for their dedication and care with a full complement of stylish apparel, modern and practical home and office items, and even carnation-themed gifts reflecting the symbol of National Doctors' Day

Taylor Healthcare Promotional Idea Book

Build trust and strengthen relationships by delivering impactful and positive interactions to your patient population and the surrounding community

Taylor Vertical Automotive

Put your best foot forward with apparel that ensures strong first impressions, high-performance service gear that works as hard as your crew and the right promotional items that make all the difference

Taylor Vertical Construction

Outfit sales, management and your builders with functional workwear designed to present a unified brand image, withstand the rigors of the field and increase safety on the job site

Military Apparel

Equip employees and clients with versatile, military-themed apparel and accessories for corporate, casual, leisure and athletic settings

Trending Ladies Apparel

Stay up to date on the latest corporate, cool and casual, and athleisure styles – all ready to be fully branded with your company's logo

Healthcare Provider Lookbook

Get your guide to improving the patient experience, brand management, nutrition and wellness, employe recognition, recruitment, and community fundraising

Antimicrobial Catalog

Make essential and commonly used items safer (and last longer) with pens, styluses and keychains coated in antimicrobial agents that defends against bacteria and product degradation

Taylor Holiday Gift Guide

Celebrate the season and spread some goodwill with a suite of carefully crafted gifts that reflect the values of your organization and let the recipients know how important your relationship with them is

Taylor Wine Scene Graphic Brochure

Market the magic of wine and spirits – the craftsmanship, the history and the promise of gatherings – with inviting signage, loyalty cards, striking folding cartons and other packaging, and apparel sure to generate publicity

Doctors' Day Gift Guide

Recognize the dedication and care physicians and nurses display year-round with lines of stylish apparel, home and office items, and even carnation-themed gifts reflecting the symbol of National Doctors' Day

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