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Gift2Give™: A Sustainable Way to Do Good


Gift2Give is a new, sustainable program from Taylor that lets the consumer help choose which charity they want a company to support.

Connecting with consumers at trade shows and events can be tough. You want to catch their attention while doing it in a way that is sustainable and memorable. That’s why Taylor is proud to introduce our way of giving back: Gift2Give.

This revolutionary program lets customers help choose which charities they want to see a company support—from education to the environment, international relief and more. According to HR Drive, 81% of millennials expect companies to publicly pledge to be good corporate citizens. Corporate charity—when done sincerely—is not only morally good, but it also strengthens the odds that your customer will keep you in mind for their next purchase.

With Gift2Give, we’re showing how dedicated Taylor is to its customers and the causes they hold dearest. This, in turn, drives brand loyalty. Forbes.com said it best: If a customer is torn between your brand and another brand that doesn’t give to charity, they’ll likely pick you over your competitor.

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Smart and Sustainable

In addition to fostering goodwill, Gift2Give is a sustainable, eco-friendly way to catch a consumer’s attention. The stats don’t lie: 46% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promo product they received was environmentally friendly. Gift2Give uses only a paper card and a Wi-Fi connection; a cost-effective and viable way to promote your brand for many events to come.


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