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Taylor Invests in Sustainable Packaging with New HP Indigo Press


Taylor invests in a new HP Indigo press to meet growing demand for flexible packaging that complies with EU and FDA regulations for the CPG market.


Taylor Invests in Sustainable Packaging with New HP Indigo Press

NORTH MANKATO, MN (June 2) – Taylor Prime Labels and Packaging announced it has made its second strategic investment of the year to meet growing demand for flexible packaging with the installation of a new HP Indigo 25K Digital Press at its plant here.

The new wide-web press is equipped to produce sustainable packaging solutions that comply with EU and FDA regulations for the consumer packaged goods market. These include pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) and roll-fed labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.

“With this investment, we’re making it easy for customers to create packaging and labels for their eco-friendly brands and do something positive for the environment,” said Randy Scott, general manager of the Taylor Prime Labels and Packaging plant in North Mankato.

The press allows Taylor to create packaging that features unique designs, variable data and perfect color registration in a single pass. Because the press is economical to run in small or large quantities, there are no minimum orders or maximum run lengths. The liquid electrophotography (LEP) technology supports UV printing and reduces environmental impact by 40-60% compared to flexographic printing and 60-80% compared to gravure.

“Digital production means shorter runs and faster speed to market, which allows our customers to run seasonal promotions, react quickly to market opportunities and offer more personalized experiences,” Scott added.

Taylor Prime Labels & Packaging has five plants in California, Georgia and Minnesota that provide short, medium and long run production of a wide range of labeling and packaging solutions. The company announced the addition of a new Mark Andy Performance Series P7 press in North Mankato in February.

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