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Using QR Codes on Product Labels and Packaging


The use of QR codes on product labels and packaging increases consumer engagement with the product while simplifying package design.

In today's digital era, marketers are always on the lookout for innovative ways to engage with their customers. The use of QR codes on product labels and packaging has become increasingly popular, and for good reason.

This blog will explore how QR codes are changing the way consumer products are brought to market – providing detailed information about the product within and creating memorable experiences for the user along the way.

An Easy Way to Raise Consumer Engagement

QR codes allow consumers to engage with products and learn more about product features and benefits. By simply scanning the code with a smartphone or tablet, the user can be redirected to a specific webpage that provides additional product information.

This can be highly beneficial for businesses that want to share more details about their products without overcrowding the package or label. In addition, QR codes can eliminate the cost of adding large supplemental labels to the packaging, resulting in a more environmentally friendly package as well.

A Platform for Brand-building Experiences

In addition to delivering value-added information, QR codes can be used to create fun and memorable experiences for consumers. Scanning a QR code can direct the user to social media platforms, special contests or even videos that showcase how to use the product in a creative way. By unlocking engaging and memorable experiences like these, a QR code can help a brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.

A Direct Link to Detailed Content

QR codes are especially effective when used for “deep” content such as nutritional facts and product usage instructions. Instead of including all of this information on the package itself – which can be overwhelming for consumers and detract from the package design – QR codes can guide consumers to a place where they can consume unlimited volumes of information in a more digestible format.

For example, in the case of vitamins and supplements, QR codes on the packaging can direct consumers to an online resource that provides detail about the various ingredients and their benefits. Likewise, QR codes can provide customers with instructional videos or even cooking recipes that incorporate the product. Try doing that on the back of a ketchup bottle.

A Source of Marketing Intelligence

QR codes also offer marketing and branding benefits, including the ability to direct consumers to specific content on a company's website and to capture data analytics about user engagement with that branded content. This can help businesses analyze consumer behavior and make informed decisions about product features, marketing and advertising.

Furthermore, by sending customers to a specific webpage, marketers can guide prospects into a sales funnel. Once there, consumers can be invited to make purchases, sign up for special offers, join a loyalty program and so forth.

QR Codes Are Ideal for Labels and Packaging

Clearly, QR codes are a powerful marketing tool that can help marketers reach out to customers in innovative ways.

  •   QR codes help to reduce printing costs and production complexity while providing detailed information.
  •   They can be used as a gateway to memorable omnichannel brand experiences.
  •   They can enhance branding and marketing strategies by targeting audiences more effectively, capturing valuable data analytics and increasing sales.

If you're looking for a proven way to heighten engagement with your customers, consider incorporating QR codes on your product labels and packaging. Just remember to place the QR code where it is easily located, use high-quality QR code generators and verify that the content you are directing the customer to is mobile-friendly. When done right, QR codes offer endless possibilities and have a bright future in the labels and packaging category.

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