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Taylor Expands Capacity in Prime Labels & Packaging Segment


Taylor is making strategic investments to boost production of pressure-sensitive prime labels, flexible packaging and shrink sleeves.

Clam shell packaging for the food and beverage industry


Taylor Expands Capacity in Prime Labels & Packaging Segment

NORTH MANKATO, MN (Feb. 10) - Taylor Prime Labels and Packaging Group announced today that it is making strategic investments to book production of pressure-sensitive labels, flexible packaging and shrink sleeves, which are among the fastest growing sectors in the print industry.

Taylor has installed a new Mark Andy Performance Series P7 press at its plant here to expand label and packaging capacity for the food and beverage, wine and spirits, health and beauty, and automotive industries.

The 17” flexo press is wide enough to support economical production while minimizing waste. Its 10 color stations allow for greater creativity in product design, enabling multiple colors, varnishes and adhesives in a single pass. Specialty treatments include cold foil, cast and cure, turn-bars, multiple webs, in-line slitting and die cutting. Dies can be changed in 30 seconds or less to reduce set-up time and expedite job changes, thus improving throughput and scheduling efficiency.

“As one of the largest printers in North America, Taylor adds new equipment to its manufacturing platform every year to give its customers a technology edge,” said Stephen Clysdale, Director of Sales & Marketing of the Taylor Prime Labels and Packaging Group. “This segment is expanding rapidly, and we have several capital investments planned to stay ahead of our customer’s demands.”

Taylor Prime Labels & Packaging five plants in California, Georgia and Minnesota produce 2.5 billion labels annually. More than 300 million feet of label substrate runs through our facilities each year.

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Taylor is among the top five graphic communications companies in North America. Headquartered in North Mankato, Minn., we are a team of more than 12,000 client-driven experts with operations spanning 25 states and eight countries. We use deep industry knowledge to strengthen your customer’s brand experience, enhance business efficiency and improve bottom-line profitability.


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