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100% Display Compliance Achieved In Just 3 Months

Case Study

The Colateral® integrated campaign management platform changes how retailers go to market, leading to increased productivity and brand compliance.





PaddyPower, sports entertainment chain with more than 600 stores needed to continuously update the marketing materials in its stores to reflect each day’s sporting events. To make matters more complicated, marketing campaigns varied by store location to reflect the sports franchises in that area. Not surprisingly, marketing display compliance was only 42% as store employees struggled to keep up.


PaddyPower used the Colateral® platform to revolutionize how it planned and managed its daily in-store marketing efforts.

  • The Colateral® Store Profile Database was used to record the unique fixtures and dimensions of each store location, ensuring that the right materials were sent to the right stores.
  • The Campaign Planner and Campaign Viewer features made it possible to issue detailed installation instructions with each daily marketing pack. Colateral® enabled a two-way dialogue between in-store teams and corporate marketing staff, allowing quick resolution of installation questions as they arose.
  • Colateral® was even able to synchronize the installation instructions to coincide with the work schedules of each in-store employee, ensuring that assigned tasks do not take employees away from the sales register and able to complete the assigned tasks.


Colateral®’s integrated campaign management platform changed how the retailer goes to market on a daily basis.

Process Efficiency

  • The Colateral® system is now used to allocate and distribute eight million marketing packs every three months.

Staff Productivity

  • Colateral® has synchronized, simplified marketing pack distribution has freed up employees to focus on serving customers.

Brand Compliance

  • Daily in-store marketing display compliance went from 42% to 100% within three months of implementation.
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