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Campaign Management Time Reduced by 80%

Case Study

Colateral® revolutionized how the retailer manages marketing campaigns and enabled collaboration from anywhere.


Robert Dyas, hardware retailer with nearly 100 stores was in need of a better marketing campaign management solution. Marketing teams spent most of their time maintaining elaborate spreadsheets, attempting to determine which marketing materials to send to each store. Artwork approvals were also paper-based and poorly documented, making it difficult to resolve issues as they arose. Meanwhile, strategic initiatives designed to drive new revenue streams had stalled for lack of available resources.


The Colateral® platform was used to automate time-consuming administrative tasks, facilitate remote collaboration and gather meaningful insights on the performance of individual marketing campaigns.

  • The Store Profile Management feature from Colateral® enabled the Robert Dyas marketing team to document the size, configuration and customer attributes of each store in the chain.
  • The Campaign Management system provided a “single source of truth” about each campaign for the entire team, regardless of the employee’s work location or role in the company.
  • The artwork approval process was streamlined and digitized, allowing teammates to collaborate remotely and providing an audit trail of all changes made.


Colateral® revolutionized how Robert Dyas manages marketing campaigns and enabled collaboration from anywhere.

Staff Productivity

  • Since implementing Colateral®, marketing team members spend 80% less time on campaign management.

Strategic Planning

  • The time saved on administrative tasks has been refocused on strategic initiatives to drive sales growth.

Creative Execution

  • Digital artwork approvals enhance brand control and enable remote team members to sign off quickly.
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