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Welcome to The Art of Marketing Operations, a Taylor podcast. Here you can grow your knowledge about marketing operations, listen to ideas and strategies to help you scale, grow, and optimize your efficiency, drive your speed to market, and enrich your work life.

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Mar 14, 2023 1:16:55 PM

Data- Driven Decision Making: The Key to Marketing Ops Success

One significant sign of a successful triumvirate of data processing systems: scalability. Without data analysis and metrics, you can’t succeed. 

Feb 7, 2023 1:57:04 PM

Can AI-Driven Content Be Good for Marketing?

OpenAI has been given a big boost with the launch of programs like ChatGPT and everyone is buzzing (or complaining) about its potential. 

Dec 19, 2022 1:52:39 PM

Brand Marketing for Crowded Markets

Coffee is a competitive market these days and leveling up your game in the industry puts you up against some big players who have deep brand loyalty. So how can your brand stand out in crowded ...

Dec 6, 2022 10:59:51 AM

Building Bridges with Marketing Ops

Marketing Ops is about synthesis and bringing together ideas, or disparate knowledge to create effective strategies that solve problems. This is especially true when you are coming in and ...

Nov 29, 2022 10:20:28 AM

E-Commerce and Retail: You Can’t Have Just One

Inventors and entrepreneurs start with a product — usually one they are passionate about. But just because you have a product doesn’t mean you have a brand. Successful entrepreneurs turn products ...

Nov 15, 2022 10:14:58 AM

Transferable Skills in Marketing Ops Transitions

In today’s job market, many are taking advantage of the “great resignation” to make a job change. What does this look like for a marketing operations professional who is now moving to a whole new ...

Nov 8, 2022 10:55:32 AM

Leveraging Technology in Marketing Efficiency

Gone are the days when you would just pop over to your colleague’s desk to ask for a missing piece of copy, or run into them to chat about that brief for your next meeting. Marketing technology is ...

Nov 1, 2022 3:23:33 PM

Optimizing the Healthcare Digital Experience

When it comes to balancing between utilizing and protecting personal data, there is probably no area more fraught for marketing professionals than the healthcare industry. With changes to ...

Oct 25, 2022 11:27:24 AM

Essentials of Testing for Changing Marketing Landscapes

Focusing mainly on your customer may seem like the best strategy in marketing, but so much gets lost in the process before you even get there. 

Oct 18, 2022 2:35:54 PM

Tailoring your Brand for Customer Experience

Collaboration means more than just working together. It’s determining the strengths and needs of every person on your team to make a cohesive plan for success.

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