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Ep: 60 - Integrating Marketing: Bridging Physical & Digital

- Hosted by Glenn Bottomly

Kymm Martinez, CMO at the American Cancer Society joins us to discuss universal marketing truths, integrating physical and digital marketing and more.

In a world where every company is shifting to digital marketing, the only way to stand out amongst the crowd may be a reassessment of the value of physical marketing. But this doesn’t mean you have to sell your website domain and only utilize mailers and billboards. Building a bridge between physical touchpoints and digital tools can make your brand shine above the rest.

Kymm Martinez, Chief Marketing Officer at the American Cancer Society joins us to discuss universal marketing truths, integrating physical and digital marketing and more.

Join us as we discuss: 

  • Marketing principles that ring true across all companies and industries
  • Physical marketing that enhances digital presence
  • Creating a marketing operations team with a vision

Finding the point of difference

“When marketers can stay in front and ask ourselves what more we can be doing, it is so much stronger than waiting for the organization to ask you when it’s already too late.” — Kymm Martinez

While there’s a whole host of marketing principles that differ from organization to organization — and industry to industry — there are some that always ring true. One of those is the concept of defining your “point of difference:” the thing that sets your product or service apart from every other competitor.

From General Mill’s cereal to the University of St. Thomas’s education, everything Kymm has marketed has been defined by that “point of difference,” she says. Understanding what sets an organization apart is the first step in being proactive in the marketing decisions you make.

“We put that phrase on all the briefs we wrote,” she says. “That single point of difference that you could really talk about always came with a different way of thinking, but it was always there. The notion of wrapping your brain around what it is that makes you different is important."

Understanding how and when to touch consumers

A key element of really making your brand shine is integrating physical touchpoints and digital tools – something Kymm has mastered over the years. She says it’s about ensuring that, no matter how a consumer interacts with the brand, they’re receiving the same message.

“If you’ve got some really good collateral in the physical space, use that and find out how to bring them into a deeper relationship in the digital space,” she says. “How all of those things work together is one of the metrics we measure.”

Taking that holistic approach to reaching consumers ensures that no one is left out, Kymm says. After all, some people still would rather kick it old school.

“For example, we have call centers. For some people, that’s the only interaction they have with the American Cancer Society Brand,” she says. “Marketers need to take a holistic approach to that relationship just like they would with one founded in the digital space.”

Motivating your team to keep going

“It’s important to keep your personal energy strong and intact because it takes a lot of energy to build a marketing organization from scratch.”— Kymm Martinez

In Kymm’s role, there’s a single focus: bringing in donor dollars and, as a result, empowering cancer patients to battle and survive the disease. In today’s world, executing this mission is an ever-changing challenge – and being able to motivate and inspire your team is crucial to that.

“Being focused on your culture and being really clear about the culture you want is in the best interest of your organization,” she says. “Build in moments where you actually take stock of what you’re doing and what you’re building.”

In marketing, you’re in the business of people, and by investing in the right team culture, you’re also investing in the work your marketing team does together. That’s one of the most critical lessons Kymm has learned over the course of her career, she says, and it’s one she tries to impress on everyone she meets and mentors.

“I’m a firm believer that it’s not just what you do, but how you get there that’s important,” she says. “You want the people and your culture to lift you up. I’ve absolutely learned the importance of focusing on that.”

Want to learn more about Kymm’s approach to marketing team leadership and how to integrate physical assets with your digital marketing approaches? Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you find your podcasts.

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