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"Such fast fulfillment and delivery. The order was placed Monday and in our hands by Tuesday."

Associate Manager
Gift Cards & Strategic Partnerships, Darden Restaurants, Inc.

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Gift and Loyalty Card products categories
Gift Cards
Gift Cards
Combine strategy, creativity, secure program management and technology in a single vendor partner. Taylor’s turnkey approach ensures your brand’s program meets its objectives. We offer everything from design and development to card production, packaging and distribution — including sustainable card products that send an eco-friendly message.
Loyalty Cards
Reward your customers for their loyalty. Use these cards, key fobs or bag tags as tiny billboards that link a specific customer to their buying habits and behaviors. This data allows you to foster long-term relationships and engage with customers in a variety of multichannel dimensions. Cards can even be tied into mobile programs that provide tangible and personalized experiences.
Loyalty Cards
Membership Card
Membership Cards
Strengthen your relationship with consumers by giving them a unique connection to your brand. Taylor offers a variety of materials and finishes that pique customer interest and facilitate memorable interactions, all combined with personalization and fulfillment options to meet your desired goals.
Pharmacy Cards
Provide customers with peace of mind when dealing with private information. Taylor’s robust technology and data management platform guarantee compliance and security.
Pharmacy Cards
Travel Bag Tag
Travel Bag Tags
Give your customers a sense of calm and comfort knowing their belongings are where they need to be while promoting your brand and consumer membership or status. Taylor has unique solutions to serve many verticals, and our expertise in plastic tag production ensures the highest levels of accuracy and protection. 

Expand Your Capabilities

Card Fulfillment
Whether for B2C, B2B or business-to-store, we can personalize and affix single cards, multiple cards or multiple brands on the same carrier.
Card Packaging
Card on carrier, wraps, secure packaging, and blister and blisterless multipack options augment brand blocking, security and giftability.
Data Management
Our investments in infrastructure, processes and training give us best-in-class data security. Inline cameras, mag readers and duplicate detection systems guarantee your cards perform as expected.
Lenticular Printing
Taylor’s patented lenticular printing technology utilizes 3D and motion techniques to drive consumer engagement and leave a lasting impression.
Materials and Embellishments
We bring your vision to life with a breadth of print capabilities and enhancements that represent your brand and speak to your customers.

Why Customers

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Taylor is one of the world’s largest producers of loyalty and gift cards.


Taylor has found consumers are 48% more likely to keep a lenticular direct mail piece.


Taylor offers an array of fulfillment options to meet any need, from 1:1 to bulk packaging.