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Fulfillment, Kitting & Cold Chain

Bring your brand to market with a single source for kitting, fulfillment and inventory management.


“After searching for over a year for a solution, I was so pleased with the outcome of this project. The timeline was met, the team was knowledgeable and open to new ideas on how to improve the experience.”

CVS Health / Aetna

Stand Out With Speed and Accuracy


Warehousing & Distribution

At Taylor, our experts will work with you to explore how inventory and shipping logistics impact the costs of your program. With streamlined storage, order shipments and reduced freight costs, you’ll be the procurement hero.



Build your brand with the perfect combination of products. Taylor delivers truly unique kitting solutions, supported by state-of-the-art technology and alongside a national coverage model that minimizes freight costs and ensures on-time delivery.

Cold Chain

Cold Chain Distribution

Taylor brings a scalable and consultative approach to cold chain support. With our specialized network of large manufacturers, testing laboratories and package engineering, we can optimize your current program with alternatives that offer clear cost and performance benefits.

Consolidated Shipments via PrintMerge

Reduce freight costs and increase efficiency with mass shipments from one facility to each of your locations

Storage & Inventory Control

Elevate materials management with integrated online ordering portals, scalable fulfillment solutions and one-day coverage to most markets

Speed to Market

Accelerate shipping velocity and ensure you have the items you need to serve your customers with 99% on-time delivery

Freight & Logistics Analysis

Evaluate and control costs with reporting on ordering patterns, real-time inventory statistics, optimal storage locations and shipping speed

Corporate Rebranding Efforts

Simplify location rebrands and refreshes through the coordinated kitting and distribution of operational and marketing materials

Department Color Coding

Ensure consistency and clarity with the organization of labels and documents through rigid color coding systems

Point-of-Purchase Distribution

Engage our national fulfillment network to produce and deliver customer-facing materials through pick-and-pack distribution

Healthcare Systems

Improve operations across the continuum of care by gaining visibility and control at the system level

Branch Profiling

Track metrics and quantity needs to deliver tailored materials based on each location’s physical attributes and customer demographics

Campaign Pushes

Execute marketing programs in a fraction of the time and provide all locations with consistent and compliant campaign materials

Admissions and Welcome Kits

Engineer kits to help create positive experiences from the first interaction by easing anxiety and streamlining processes

Corporate Rebranding Efforts

Take the stress out of location management with the assembly and coordinated delivery of complete and accurate sets of branded materials

Marketing Materials Kits

Create more effective campaigns and enhance merchandising with simultaneous kit shipments to all locations

Print-on-Demand Consolidation

Enable fast turns on printing and efficient kitting while minimizing obsolescence and reducing needless overages on static items

Custom Sleep Kits

Promote positive patient experiences for the duration of hospital stays with kits designed to raise comfort levels and even impact HCAHPS scores

Complex Variable Kits

Develop and strategically deploy custom kits with targeted materials determined by location and demographics

Bottles & Closures

Choose from stock and custom-engineered bottles and closures to hold your products

EPS Coolers

Ensure your products arrive in top condition with expanded polystyrene (EPS) coolers that are temperature-sensitive

Bubble Wrap

Keep your items safe and secure throughout the entire storage and shipping cycle

Biodegradable EPS Coolers

Help the environment and ensure your products arrive in top condition with expanded polystyrene coolers that are temperature-sensitive, biodegradable and recyclable

Insulated Mailers

Use these parcels to keep the temperature down and the contents safe

Mailing Pouches

Standardize package branding to give cold chain prescription and product shipments a more consistent appearance

Gel Packs

Place these cost-effective cold packs with your products to maintain the desired temperature on one-way shipments


Print, store and ship the forms and documents you need to handle cold chain medications and materials in your stores

Secure Documents

Source the associated sensitive documentation needed for every cold chain application in your program

Marketing Materials

Forecast and order advertising collateral to promote your brand in coordination with your cold chain operation

Plastic Bags

Secure your products using manual-fill and autofill plastic bags to ensure safe delivery

Stock & Custom Labels

Get the static and variable labels required to ensure proper organization and designation of refrigerated materials

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