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Labeling Solutions product categories
Durable Labels
Durable Labels
Eliminate line shutdowns with a dependable and efficient supply chain that offers smarter printing, production and delivery options. Taylor experts help you improve label performance, reduce obsolescence, lower total costs, improve operational efficiencies and comply with agency regulations. We also offer the most advanced print-on-demand digital durable production process to shorten lead times.
Form-Label Combinations
Simplify complex processes with integrated labels that merge related documents into a single unit. Combining a form with one or two labels of different materials can streamline operational efficiencies, decrease matching errors and create cost savings.
Form_Label Combinations
In-Mold Decoration
In-Mold Labels and Decoration
Attract consumers with higher quality graphics on plastic components by employing labels that also resist wear and fade. Taylor can make consumer electronics, sporting goods and other products more attractive and functional with in-mold labels and decoration. We can add UL-level permanence to critical safety and instructional labels on medical devices, lawn and garden implements, and power tools. 
Pressure-Sensitive Labels
Enjoy the versatility of pressure-sensitive labels designed by Taylor for any product need or application process. We can construct pressure-sensitive labels from a wide variety of face stocks, adhesives and liners to meet diverse solution requirements.
Pressure Sensitive Labels-2
On-Demand Labels
Print-on-Demand and Variable Imaged Labels
Avoid obsolescence and the need for storage space, while accelerating turnaround times, by printing labels digitally. Taylor’s digital label production capabilities allow efficient, low-volume runs of highly complex label designs. Digital production also enables variable image printing on press of barcodes, consecutive number labels and much more, thus reducing total cost compared to on-site imaging.
Combine various inlays with a variety of printable materials to create RFID smart labels for a wide range of applications and environments. Smart labels from Taylor come designed ready to work with an array of RFID printers.
Safety and Compliance Labels
Safety and Compliance Labels
Communicate safety and hazard information on your products and machinery with safety and compliance labels from Taylor. Our technical consultants work with UL, OSHA, ANSI and ISO to help our customers stay compliant with standards.
Security Labels
Provide an increased level of comfort to consumers with security labels that let them know at a glance if an item has been opened or tampered with. Taylor’s security labels and seals are specifically engineered for use in a variety of industries and can include anti-counterfeiting features built right into the label and inks.
Safety Labels
Stock Labels-1
Stock Labels
Drive down costs in your enterprise labels program by leveraging stock labels where appropriate. Taylor makes life easier for your employees with easy-to-order programs for a wide variety of affordable stock labels.
Thermal Labels
Reduce down time with direct thermal and thermal transfer labels designed to work with most label printers. Taylor’s experts will recommend the best materials and supply options to ensure solid performance across your thermal applications. We offer small core, RFID and linerless labels, as well as warehouse and shelf labels for product identification, picking and shipment.
Thermal Labels-1
Warehousing and Distribution Labels
Warehouse and Distribution Labels
Communicate vital operational information that enables a smooth flow of goods from facilities to customers. Taylor produces shipping, identification and consumer information labels that streamline your daily operations.

Expand Your Capabilities

Agency Compliance
Taylor collaborates with UL, cUL, CSA and ANSI to ensure compliance in your label designs and finished items.
Label Program Analysis and Management
Taylor has a well-documented process called MAP3 (for Methodical Assessment of Printed Parts and Processes) that lowers the total cost of label ownership and reduces risk by increasing compliance with industry labeling regulations.
Materials Science Expertise
Taylor’s proven expertise allows us to select the right material specifications to meet the demands of each label application.
Supply Chain Management
Our supply chain services help you cope with seasonal demand surges and ensure production lines never shut down by integrating with demand forecasting systems.
Versatile Production
High-quality flexo, screen and digital printing options can provide shorter lead times, quick design changes and no die charges.

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