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Cold Chain Distribution-1
Cold Chain Distribution
Maintain consistent temperature from manufacture through delivery. Taylor’s specialized network utilizes temperature-controlled transportation, storage and distribution systems to ensure that temperature-sensitive products remain within recommended conditions and are delivered safely.
Complex Kitting
Trust that your complex kitting and assembly projects will be well-managed with Taylor’s state-of-the-art kitting and marketing fulfillment capabilities. Whether your kit assembly is highly involved, intricate or time-sensitive, we have the flexibility to manage, simplify and fulfill the most complex projects.
Complex Kitting
Direct to Consumer Fulfillment
Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment
Simplify your supply chain and influence a significant part of the customer shopping experience with Taylor’s direct-to-consumer fulfillment platform. Quality, speed and accuracy are defining and differentiating attributes of our D2C product distribution.
Marketing Fulfillment Services
Get materials into hands faster with more efficient program management that reduces costs and accelerates speed to market. Taylor’s 1.7 million square feet of warehousing space allows one-day delivery to most major markets. Custom kitting services are available in quantities from one to hundreds, and strategic locations and best-in-class parcel contracts reduce shipping costs.
Marketing Fulfillment Services

Expand Your Capabilities

Freight and Logistics Analysis
Taylor provides insights and data to better plan and orchestrate efficient distribution.
Online Kitting and Fulfillment Portal
Sophisticated technology systems elevate materials management through integration and innovation.
Storage and Inventory Control
We maintain condition and security from origin through distribution with dependable materials management.
Store/Branch Openings
Maximize efficiency, increase productivity and gain agility with expert material handling and distribution.
White Glove Service
We offer impeccable care and premium delivery for exclusive experiences, specialty goods and high-value items.

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1.7 Million

Taylor has 1.7 million square feet of warehouse space to enhance your business operations.


With our nationwide network, we provide single-day coverage to most major markets in North America.

5.3 Million

Taylor fulfills 5.3 million orders annually to clients of all sizes across an array of industries.