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Conversations with Glen Taylor: S2 Ep. 3 - Building a Business


In the season 3 finale, Glen reminisces on suggesting Carlson Letter Service pursue the wedding invitation business, pioneering concepts that reshaped industry norms and fueled his ambition for company growth.


On Sept. 5, 2023, we released Episode 1 of “Conversations with Glen Taylor,” a video series compiled over the past 18 months. The series examines the life of Glen Taylor – from his humble beginnings to later becoming founder and CEO of Taylor Corporation, state senator, owner of professional sports franchises and more. Each episode explores the experiences that shaped Glen as a child, inspired him as a youth and guided him as he built Taylor Corporation into what it is today.

Glen recalls his suggestion that Carlson Letter Service pursue the wedding invitation business and the first concepts he brought to market. Those ideas ultimately changed consumer expectations throughout the industry and fueled Glen’s personal desire to grow the company.

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