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The Art of Marketing Operations is a podcast revolving around passionate leaders who are building towards a better way. Our overarching themes and ideas on innovation, data, efficiency, and analysis allow you the opportunity to enable growth, strategize, drive speed to market, optimize your organization’s PrintStack, and enhance your work life. Marketing Operations is both art and hard science. Join us to learn from the insights and experiences of leaders across multiple industries and how they solve, innovate, and create the future.

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Healthcare Compliance in Marketing Operations

Marketing operations is different in every industry. That’s no less true for healthcare, a space notorious for...

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Building a Successful Influencer Campaign

A strong marketing strategy in 2022 has to look at social media influencers. It just does.

But knowing when to jump...

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Submit A Ticket: Being Priority Driven in a Growth Environment

A large part of marketing is about driving growth, but what good is scaling any business without the right processes to...

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Delivering A Customized Customer Experience Backed By Data

Data is the number one ingredient in nearly every successful marketing campaign. But it’s not just capturing the...

Behind the Mic

Glenn Bottomly, Ph.D.

Chief Marketing Officer

Glenn is a marketing leader who inspires his team with a clear vision: the customer is the most important person in your business.

For Glenn, business is all about people, and his approach to leadership is coaching and helping his team grow. With his extensive experience—from strategy to market research, product marketing to Martech development—Glenn loves to explore the full spectrum of marketing, from the creative to the technical.

Interested in having Glenn on your podcast? Reach out on LinkedIn.