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3 Keys to Finding the Perfect Beverage Copacker


Choosing a beverage copacker begins with understanding your beverage’s ingredients, special processing requirements and packaging format.

Success in the beverage industry is often as much about the logistics of bringing the product to market as it is about the product itself. When it comes to growing your beverage business, finding the right copacker is essential. A reliable copacker can help you enter new markets, launch new products and ensure the growth of your brand.

To help you choose the perfect copacker, we’ve identified three key factors for you to consider. Start by asking yourself a few important questions about your beverage and its ingredients, the processing required, and your packaging.

1: Understand Your Beverage

Before you embark on your search for the perfect copacker, it is crucial that you have a deep understanding of your beverage and its unique qualities. For starters, what ingredients are in your beverage?

Analyzing the specific components of your beverage is vital to finding a copacker that specializes in handling those ingredients. Whether it's fruits, natural extracts or added sweeteners, knowing what goes into your product is the first step in selecting the ideal copacker as your partner.

2: Identify Required Processing

The next factor to consider is the processing required for your beverage. Different beverages require different processing methods such as pasteurization, cold filling or carbonation. By evaluating your processing needs, you can narrow your search for a copacker to those with expertise in the specific techniques required for your beverage. Not all copackers specialize in these processes, so choose wisely.

3: Select the Right Packaging

Packaging plays a critical role in attracting customers and preserving the quality of your beverage. When choosing a copacker, it’s important to assess how your beverage will be packaged. Will it be bottled, canned or brought to market in an innovative container such as spouted flexible packaging?

Consider factors such as convenience, sustainability and shelf-life preservation. A copacker that aligns with your packaging goals – and has the technology needed to support that style of packaging – will help you make the best choices for your brand.

Remember, the copacker selection process always begins with 1-2-3:

1) Your beverage's key ingredients.

2) The required processing steps.

3) Your preferred packaging method.

Once you have these three pieces of information, you will be able to make an informed decision and select a beverage copacker who can help your beverage brand grow.

Taylor: Packaging & Labeling for Beverages

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We serve a variety of industries, have years of experience working with copackers, and can help guide you through your decision-making process. Want help with product packaging solutions for your beverage? Contact a Taylor packaging and labeling specialist to learn more.


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