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Acrylic Design Associates Joins Forces with Taylor Corporation


Taylor Corporation announced they have joined forces with Acrylic Design Associates (ADA)

Acrylic Design Associates partners with Taylor Corporation

Taylor Corporation announced today that they have joined forces with Acrylic Design Associates (ADA).  As one of the largest graphic communications firms in North America, Taylor works with global brands to innovatively connect them with their customers throughout their entire journey.

ADA is a premier, large-scale manufacturer and merchandiser of signage, fixtures and architectural elements across a variety of industries throughout the United States.  ADA is also the pioneer of Recrylic®, the world’s first certified 100% recycled and recyclable acrylic product line. 

“The addition of ADA will take our Taylor Visual Impressions business to the next level,” said Taylor Group President, Mike Robinson.  “Together with ADA, Taylor Visual Impressions will broaden its assistance to clients to achieve their goals for innovation, design, quality, speed-to-market, cost and sustainability.  Their expertise in the retail, financial, healthcare and OEM markets makes ADA a perfect fit with Taylor’s customer base in those same markets,” commented Robinson.

Bill McNeely Jr., owner and CEO of ADA, reflected on the union of the two companies by stating, “My excitement in joining Taylor goes beyond the complementary capabilities that we can put to work for our respective customers.  I think more about our common Minnesota roots and the respect each company has for its employees.  Our two companies have strong shared values that are directly linked to our family founders, Glen Taylor and my father, Bill Sr.  These will be the difference makers in what we will accomplish together.”       

About Taylor

Taylor is a global graphic communications company headquartered in North Mankato, Minnesota, and employs more than 10,000 client-driven experts.  Taylor has operations spanning 32 U.S. states and eight countries.

About Acrylic Design Associates

Founded in 1976, ADA is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, operating out of a modern 250,000+ square-foot facility servicing a global client base.  More information is available at www.acrylicdesign.com and www.recrylic.com.  

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