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How Custom Trade Show Displays and Signage Can Help Your Business Boom


Learn how to maximize your brand’s potential at your next trade show with custom trade show displays and signage


If you're reading this, chances are you've got a trade show on the horizon. Maybe it's your first time at such an event, or perhaps you're a pro. Either way, your goal is probably to build brand awareness, increase your customer base and help your company thrive. But it can be stressful to decide which marketing tools give you the biggest bang for your buck. Making a splash at a trade show can be challenging and expensive. It's difficult because getting noticed in a sea of businesses vying for customers' attention is tough. And it's costly because you need an eye-catching booth that will entice potential buyers and signage that leads them to your company.

Trade Shows Are An Investment

Marketing is an investment and trade shows are no different. Trade shows provide a tremendous opportunity to connect face-to-face with potential clients and introduce them to your brand. It's a fantastic way to spread the word about your company. 

If your time and marketing dollars produce tangible results, then it's worth it. So, you'll want to budget for items that make an enormous impact – like custom trade show displays and event signage.  

Broadcast Your Brand

There are two primary elements to your trade show display: your booth and your signage. Both should be bold and eye-catching with lots of striking graphics. 

The Booth 

Your booth is the most essential trade show marketing tool in which you can invest. Your booth will help you: 

  • Attract attention
  • Lure visitors
  • Engage and interact with your target market
  • Generate leads
  • Forge relationships
  • Create a lasting impression
  • Build brand awareness
  • Deliver meaningful brand experiences

For your trade show to be a success, you'll need a fantastic booth design, promotional tools and custom exhibits. These elements can make or break the success of your potential customers' booth experience. 

Carefully consider each aspect of your trade show and take time to develop a comprehensive plan. A pre-show strategy can help maximize your time and financial resources. 

When designing your booth, go for quality over quantity if you want long-lasting pieces that hold up over time. If you're on a tight budget, you can add elements to your trade show display each year to expand your trade show presence. 

On the other hand, if you’re purchasing trade show displays and event signage for a one-time event, save a little of your hard-earned cash and choose less expensive items.

Choose a company with experience and subject matter knowledge that can help bring your vision to life. 

The Signs

Custom signage is also crucial to a successful trade show. Custom signs drive potential buyers to your booth, increase your visibility and maximize your brand's impact in a sea of competition. 

There's digital signage, static graphic signage and interactive displays to enhance customers' experiences while they visit your booth. You can also incorporate:

  • Pop-up displays
  • Retractable banners
  • Flags
  • Custom tablecloths
  • Tabletop signs
  • Panels
  • Kiosks

Remember, first impressions are crucial. The design of your exhibit speaks volumes about your brand. Your booth and your signs should positively reflect your brand and create a lasting impression.

Creative Concepts

Now that you know what signage and booth elements are essential, here are some creative ideas to help your trade show display stand out.

Social Media Photo Booth

An easy and affordable way to capture attention and drive traffic is with a photo booth. Trade show participants love to broadcast their attendance on social media. 

Create a photo center using photo booths, backdrops or cardboard cutouts that relate to your brand in a fun and exciting way.

Create a Backdrop Banner

Large custom backdrops tie all of the elements of your booth together and create eye-catching graphics that participants can see and read from far away. Backdrop banners are large banners that can cover an entire wall of your booth. They attach to a large, portable stand so you can place them anywhere you like in your booth. You can have backdrop banners customized with any graphics you wish like your logo, a new product or your company's slogan. 

Showcase Your Logo

When designing and creating custom printed displays, have your logo front and center on a large backdrop or printed tent. 

Promoting your logo is vital to making an impression on potential customers. They're more likely to remember your company if they are familiar with your logo.

Order the Largest Displays

Order the largest displays your booth can accommodate, whether you have an extra-large booth or a small one. Large signs and booth elements have a far more significant impact and keep your booth from looking cluttered.

Your Takeaways

Having a trade show booth is an investment and, depending on your industry, should be part of your marketing plan. 

Focus on high-quality, custom-made signs and displays that will stand the test of time and create a lasting impression for your brand.

And don't forget to be creative and incorporate ways potential customers can interact with your brand.

If you’d like help with design and product ideas, contact one of our display and signage gurus.  Taylor is here to help you power your brand’s potential.

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