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Taylor Print & Visual Impressions Partners with Colateral to Drive the Evolution of Marketing in Bricks-and-Mortar Retail


Taylor Print & Visual Impressions Partners with Colateral to Drive the Evolution of Marketing in Bricks-and-Mortar Retail

Taylor Corporation announced an exclusive partnership with Colateral for its Print & Visual Impressions enterprise group (TPVI); a collaboration to streamline retail campaign management and deliver localized marketing for multi-location retailers across the U.S. and Canada.  

The Colateral SaaS platform leverages automation and real-time data to elevate efficiency, minimize waste and cut costs in the supply chain, while enabling store-specific marketing messaging and delivering significantly increased revenues.  

“With shoppers expecting greater personalization and an increasing need for sustainable marketing, in-store advertising must evolve to give retailers and brands a competitive advantage on the high road,” said Dorian Spackman, founder and CEO of Colateral. “Colateral helps clients reduce cost and waste by automating campaign management processes, enabling them to earn more with localized promotions and improved commercial trade partnerships. We’re delighted to partner with Taylor due to our shared desire to bridge the gap between online and offline for retail.” 

TPVI’s Vice President of Sales, John Lewchenko, offers insights into the partnership, citing the retail services sector as a strong growth opportunity and Colateral’s customizable offering as a key differentiator compared to competitors’ offerings. “Colateral’s record of success speaks for itself, and its unique value proposition helps our retail clients optimize their marketing spend. Investing in this partnership helps us deepen our commitment to retail clients as the sector continues its post-pandemic recovery.” 

The partnership demonstrates both companies' ongoing, shared commitment to supporting the retail industry. “The last two years have been unprecedented, and our teams are changing the game to partner with customers in new ways,” adds Lewchenko. “We’re investing heavily to reset the standard on helping clients build, manage and automate their in-store marketing campaigns.” 

TPVI has become the exclusive licensed reseller across North America of Colateral. The partnership helps Taylor expand its retail solutions offerings for customers with a wide range of signage opportunities. Leadership from both companies are working in concert to deploy Colateral to the North American market as of October 2022. 

About Taylor 

Taylor is among the top five graphic communications companies in North America. Headquartered in North Mankato, Minn., we are a team of more than 10,000 client-driven experts with operations spanning 32 states and eight countries. We use deep industry knowledge to strengthen your customer’s brand experience, enhance business efficiency and improve bottom-line profitability. 


About Colateral 

Colateral Ltd. enables multi-location retailers and brands to deliver localized on-brand marketing campaigns in every store. Our SaaS platform provides end-to-end control of in-store marketing campaigns, from briefing to implementation and analysis, with full traceability. Founded in 2015, we support over 10,000 stores for leading retailers, brands and financial services companies across the U.K. and Europe.  


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