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Saving $2 Million Per Year For Supermarket Chain

Case Study

With Colateral® and Taylor's expert team, retailers can obtain a clear picture of in-store marketing execution while also eliminating campaign waste.


A supermarket chain with 3,000 stores was spending $80 million annually on weekly in-store marketing materials. However, they had little visibility into what happened with those marketing materials after they were distributed. There was no way of determining how many stores displayed the materials correctly, incorrectly or not at all. A significant amount of waste was believed to occur each week but no one knew where, when or why the waste occurred.


The Campaign Survey Tool from Colateral® was used to compile a detailed audit of in-store marketing compliance. Multiple campaigns were audited in each store over a period of months, enabling the retailer to obtain a clear picture of in-store marketing execution for the very first time.

  • Auditors completed surveys in Colateral®, documenting the quality and consistency of implementation for each weekly marketing campaign in all 3,000 stores.
  • Thousands of data points and more than 600,000 images were collected. In doing so, auditors carefully noted why certain types of materials worked well in some stores and not in others.
  • The retailer used the audit results to create a Store Profile Database in Colateral®. The dimensions of each store —as well as the size and style of fixtures present — was recorded for the entire chain.


Thanks to Colateral®, the retailer was able to tailor the size and quantity of weekly marketing materials to the physical characteristics of each store.

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