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Taylor Healthcare Announces iMed Downtime™


Taylor Healthcare announced it has enhanced its proprietary iMed Downtime™ technology solution to help combat ransomware attacks in hospitals.

NORTH MANKATO, MN (Dec. 2, 2021) – Taylor Healthcare announced it has enhanced its proprietary iMed Downtime™ technology solution to help combat the rising incidence of hospital ransomware attacks. iMed Downtime enables hospitals to maintain normal operations during network outages, such as those caused by ransomware attacks.

 “Cybercrime has become an enormous problem for hospitals,” says Chris Civitarese, General Manager of Taylor Healthcare. “Nearly 600 healthcare organizations nationwide reported ransomware attacks last year alone and the frequency is soaring. The entire industry is under siege and we believe iMed Downtime is part of the solution.”

iMed Downtime is a software system that resides within individual computer workstations throughout a hospital and “waits” in the background until needed. In the event of a ransomware attack, natural disaster or any other event that results in the loss of server access, hospital staff are able to use iMed Downtime to access and print the critical documents needed to sustain operations.

“Losing access to an EHR or admissions system can be catastrophic for a hospital,” notes Civitarese. “iMed Downtime helps healthcare systems maintain the quality of patient care in those times of crisis. Registrars can continue to process admissions documents, nurses can continue to print forms and wristbands, and physicians retain access to treatment protocols. It allows hospitals to sidestep network outages and keep patients safe while a permanent resolution is sought.”

Taylor Healthcare cites research by EHR Intelligence, For The Record Magazine and Healthcare IT News that found hospitals lose an average of $8,662 for every minute of network downtime. For larger hospitals, the cost can reach $1 million per hour. A comparatively simple and inexpensive technology solution, iMed Downtime can provide years of protection for the cost of a single network outage event.

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Taylor Healthcare provides innovative document automation and patient engagement solutions that standardize and enhance communications across the continuum of care. They improve patient care by enabling healthcare organizations to engage patients with the right information at the right time.

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