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Taylor Partners With DYMO® to Offer Custom Labels


Users of DYMO’s LabelWriter 5 series printers can now specify custom label designs, sizes, colors, adhesives, print substrates and more.

Taylor Corporation has announced a strategic partnership with DYMO® to produce custom labels for DYMO LabelWriter® 5 Series printers. The partnership leverages Taylor’s expertise with custom label manufacturing to expand the capabilities of DYMO’s LabelWriter 5 Series printers for millions of DYMO customers.

“Thanks to this new relationship, businesses across a wide range of industries can now use labels that are tailored to their specific needs,” says Joe Klenke, president of Taylor’s Labeling Solutions Group. “The DYMO LabelWriter 5 Series is enormously popular and for good reason. It is renowned for its reliability and versatility. Working in partnership with DYMO, we are empowering those customers to further optimize their labeling processes with custom pre-printed labels from Taylor.”

Taylor offers a variety of label customization options for the DYMO LabelWriter 5 Series including the LabelWriter 550, 550 Turbo and 5XL. DYMO customers can specify custom label designs and sizes, corporate branding, flood-coated colors, adhesive variations and an array of paper and film label substrates. All of these custom pre-printed labels are precision-manufactured by Taylor to ensure durability, legibility and jam-free performance.

"We are excited to join forces with Taylor to offer our customers unparalleled custom labeling solutions for the DYMO LabelWriter 5 Series," said Liesbet De Soomer, Global Marketing Director of DYMO. "This partnership reflects our commitment to providing innovative labeling solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers across various industries."

Contact your Taylor representative to learn more about custom pre-printed labels for DYMO LabelWriter 5 Series printers.

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