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The Role of Clear Communications in the Customer Experience


Elevate customer engagement, strengthen your brand and drive your customers to action with this simple approach to clear multichannel communications.

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The first thing that may come to mind when you hear “user experience” is a website or web application. Entire teams are devoted to testing and improving online customer experiences. But user experience is much more than that; it exists everywhere a business touches the customer, from field sales and marketing materials to customer service and even accounting.

A key component to your brand’s overall customer experience is how clearly your company communicates to customers through bills, invoices, statements and even letters and notices. Clear communication is the gateway to reinforcing a company’s brand and value proposition. Whereas some companies don’t spend sufficient time thinking about this area, those that do tend to have had excellent results.

These touchpoints also represent an opportunity to improve relevancy and engagement while generating greater efficiency. That all leads to cost savings and a better customer experience. You stand to gain many benefits if you take the right approach to clear customer communications.

The LUNA™ philosophy

We apply the LUNA™ philosophy to achieve clear communications. LUNA™ stands for Locate, UNderstand and Act, and stresses the importance of relevant content, plain language, usability, psychology, accessibility, readability and complementary visual design.

No communication can be successful without all of these qualities:

  • Information that can be found easily and quickly
  • Plain and relevant language
  • The ability to perform the presented action(s)

Clear communication factors greatly into a customer’s ability to easily and quickly find information. It’s important to ensure that all content flows logically from one section to the next with the appropriate use of white space and visual transitions to allow the eye to travel logically throughout the communications. Color and bold text should be used strategically to draw attention to key areas like a due date or account balance.

How to apply LUNA™

The best advice is to keep it simple, communicating essential information needed to accomplish a specific objective. Motivate your customer to take action by ensuring response elements are prominently featured, such as a phone number and email address.

The benefits of achieving clear communication through the LUNA™ Philosophy are significant:

  • Create better customer experience
  • Reduce customer service calls
  • Reduce errors on customer forms
  • Reduce costs throughout the production chain
  • Identify the optimal number of touchpoints
  • Improve response and sales
  • Improve payment timeframes
  • Improve customer satisfaction ratings
  • Improve retention, cross-sell and upsell efforts
  • Transform transactional documents from cost centers to revenue sources

When your customers encounter any form of communication from you, they form an impression of your brand, which builds over time. Explore how your company can effectively build trust with this video about secure communication management.

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