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The Top 3 Challenges Facing Enterprise Communications


Learn how to use personalization techniques, ensure data security and reduce the expense of communication to your customers and consumers.

Consumer expectations for timely, personalized and highly polished communications have never been higher – or more difficult to meet. InfoTrends, a leading provider of market research for the digital imaging and document solutions industry, conducted a survey of 300 North American enterprise executives to better understand their priorities in reaching customers. Three critical issues rose to the top of the list:

1) Maintaining a Secure Environment

Enterprises are struggling to balance their desire for deeper data analytics with their need to maintain customer privacy and regulatory compliance. Like it or not, today’s marketplace is characterized by increasingly sophisticated security breaches, heightened regulatory oversights and complex compliance requirements.

2) Delivering on the Promise of Personalization

Done right, personalization elevates the customer experience by aligning interactions across all of the communications channels used. However, the key to effective personalization lies in data. Although enterprises have access to more data than ever before, harnessing it correctly to improve the customer experience can be difficult. Fortunately, emerging digital communications technologies make it possible to “hyper-personalize” communications across mail, email, SMS text and online touchpoints.

3) Reducing Costs

In addition to improving the customer experience, enterprises and their provider partners must also find ways to eliminate unnecessary costs. Here again, digital technology holds the answer. By digitizing the communications infrastructure and accelerating consumer adoption of electronic alternatives to print and mail, it is possible to enhance experiences and drive new sources of revenue while simultaneously lowering the cost per communication.

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