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Taylor Opens State-of-the-Art Label Manufacturing Facility in Monterrey, Mexico


A new durable industrial label manufacturing facility in Monterrey combines label production, warehousing and distribution for Taylor Mexico.

NORTH MANKATO, MINN. (May 9, 2023) – Taylor Corporation recently held a grand opening celebration at its new label manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico. Spanning more than 107,000 sq. ft., the new facility is roughly 75% larger than the buildings it replaces and consolidates production, warehousing and distribution operations under one roof. This investment positions Taylor to meet the rising demand for durable labels among industrial manufacturers in Mexico.

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“There is explosive growth in nearshoring strategies in and around Monterrey,” says Dennis Duchene, group president for Taylor Print and Service Solutions. “Everywhere you look, prominent international manufacturers are setting up shop. They all need durable labels and the type of deep industry expertise that Taylor provides to manufacturers in Mexico today.”

Taylor Mexico is equipped with the same state-of-the-art digital durable label production equipment as Taylor’s label plants in the U.S., resulting in a unique “mirrored” support model for Taylor customers. “Everything we do at Taylor Mexico is designed to help manufacturers who do business in both the U.S. and Mexico,” added Joe Klenke, president of Taylor Labeling Solutions. “For our customers, this improves service levels, lowers costs and provides capacity for the development of innovative new products and services. Our bilingual teams in the U.S. and Mexico are uniquely capable of providing just-in-time delivery of consistently produced, high-quality products from a variety of manufacturing locations.”3 Press Release Body Quote – Mexico Facility Open House

Glen Taylor, the Founder and Chairman of Taylor, and Taylor CEO Charlie Whitaker attended the open house. “Both Glen and I are honored to make this investment on behalf of our employees, our customers and this entire community,” Whitaker commented. “The positive impact this new and growing facility will have on Monterrey was certainly highlighted by the overwhelming attendance at the open house including César Garza, Mayor of Apodaca, representatives from the State of Nuevo León, as well as Taylor Mexico employees and customers.”

About Taylor

Taylor is a global graphic communications company headquartered in North Mankato, Minnesota, and employs more than 10,000 client-driven experts. With operations spanning 32 U.S. states and eight countries, Taylor has been servicing clients in Mexico with high-quality printed products and services since 2006. More information is available at www.Taylor.com and https://standardregisterlatinoamerica.com.mx/english/.



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