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Five Fantastic Promotional Products That Really Celebrate Your Brand


Learn how promotional products are one of the most effective forms of marketing and the most affordable.

Products to show brand

These promotional products are guaranteed to be a hit



Did you know the average U.S. household owns 30 promotional items? That's right! According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, Gen X-led households own an average of 34 items, followed by millennials with 30 and baby boomers with 28.

In addition, 85% of worldwide consumers recall the company that gave them the promotional item.

That means each time one of your customers takes a sip of coffee from your personalized mug or dons that unique t-shirt with your logo, they remember your brand.

Nate Kucsma, executive director of research and corporate marketing at ASI, says, "The ubiquity of promotional products in America is staggering. Just think about it. If there are 120 million households in America, that means there are over three billion company logos floating around the U.S. at any given time." 

Here are some more exciting and encouraging statistics:

  1. 90% of people who receive a promotional product say they can remember the branding when re-encountering it.
  2. 82% of people say that their impression of a brand becomes more favorable when they receive a promotional product as an advertising effort.
  3. 41% of consumers who receive promotional items from a brand with whom they are interested in working with will keep them for up to 5 years, while 18% say they keep products for more than 11 years.
  4. Mugs with a logo on them are more effective for advertising and marketing than television or radio spots. 57% of consumers say they can recall the messages on a promotional product compared to the 32% who say they remember what’s said in the media.

Branded Merchandise Is Budget-friendly

What's even more surprising is that this impressive form of advertising is one of the most cost-effective. 

According to ASI, "The cost per impression (CPI) of promotional products can be as low as one-tenth of one cent – lower than nearly any other advertising medium."

The evidence is decisive. Promotional products are an affordable and effective method of boosting your business or brand. But with so many products to choose from, how do you decide how to get the best bang for your promotional buck?

Five Powerful Promotional Products 

There are a plethora of custom promotional marketing solutions. Here are five of our favorites:


Ok. Apparel might seem obvious. But as a promotional products supplier, clothing is one of our favorites because the variety offers your brand so many options. Wearables are also the most popular promotional product. 

When recipients were asked what they liked about custom promotional apparel, they said it was fun, functional and trendy. 

There are socks, t-shirts, hats, tank tops, gloves, dress shirts, jackets, shoes, kids' clothing and more from which to choose. Pick promotional apparel that makes sense for your brand.

Flash Drives

Computers are ubiquitous and it never hurts to have an extra flash drive lying around when you need one. And if that flash drive displays your brand's logo and colors, even better.

It may seem like a simple promotional product, but each time your client uses the custom flash drive, they'll see your company name and remember your brand.

Holiday Gifts

Suppose your company wants to go beyond greeting cards and send a gift. In that case, the holidays are a terrific time to say thank you to your current customers and entice a prospective customer to your business. 

Your gift can be an ornament, a calendar, coffee mug, luggage tags, packing cubes – the list goes on. As with any custom promotional product, make sure the items you pick align with your brand.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Everyone loves gift cards, and your customers are no exception. The lovely thing about gift cards is that they're emblazoned with your brand's name and graphics, allowing the recipient to choose items they like. It's a win-win.

Gift cards are a powerful tool for your company because your customers will carry them and see the card every time they open their wallets. If the gift card is a loyalty reward that earns points and gets reloaded, even better.

Trade Show Swag

Promotional products are a classic element of trade shows. Attendees expect to gather a multitude of goodies as they peruse the aisles of an event.

If your brand has a trade show booth, you'll need custom promotional products to hand out to your booth's visitors. If you think outside the box, your brand can make an enormous impact.

Try to choose promotional products that aren't tired. Think tech accessories like a PopSocket® with your logo, a charging mouse pad or a Bluetooth® speaker. 

Final Thoughts

With a budget-friendly price tag and impressive statistics from research companies like ASI, you can’t go wrong with custom promotional products. Consider quality over quantity. Choose items that will last and that your recipients will continue to use. If you’d like help with design and product ideas, contact one of our promotional product gurus. Taylor is here to help you power your brand’s potential.

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