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JUNE 27TH 2023 hosted by Glenn Bottomly

Ep: 54 - Marketing Magic: Clarity, Customer Experience, and Evolving

Posted by Glenn Bottomly on Jun 27, 2023 11:46:04 AM

The best marketing teams view all of their processes through the lens of the consumer. 

What takes the consumer’s experience from just being satisfied to being absolutely blown away? At the top of Cassie Tucker’s list is keeping communication concise while making the consumer the number one priority.

Wearing many hats as the Marketing Strategist at Camm Media, a copywriter and a podcast host, Cassie welcomes change and embraces innovation, a skillset that is prioritized as much as Mickey Mouse himself. 

Join us as we discuss: 

  • Maintaining communication across multiple channels and mediums
  • Why the customer’s experience is always right
  • Staying current with ever-evolving trends and technologies

A clear message is better than just any message

As consumers, we’re inundated with messages from brands – they’re on the TV shows we watch, in the video games we play, on every social media platform, and in grocery stores and malls. What this constant bombardment boils down to are two things, says Cassie: a short attention span and an ingrained expectation of a consistent customer experience.

“That’s why the thing that’s so important in marketing messaging is clarity,” she says. “If we confuse people, we’ll lose them really quickly. If you can say it as short as possible, it’s a lot more impactful than having a lot of content with no clear direction.”

The marketing industry as a whole has made numerous shifts to align with that mindset. As mobile-first browsing becomes the norm – more people than ever before are engaging with advertisements and brands on their phones, Cassie says – marketers have had to adjust to those new expectations. After all, if you can get the information they’re looking for to them as quickly as possible, that’s how you win.

“What consumers are looking for, in any sort of marketing message, is what's in it for them.” — Cassie Tucker

Put the customer experience first

One of the most important aspects of developing your message clarity is understanding what the core call to action is that you want a customer to take, says Cassie. But taking that train of thought to the next level – considering what happens between a customer hearing or reading the call to action and actually taking that action – can help you level up your customer experience.

“A lot of times, that transitional call to action is something like ‘learn more about us’ or ‘visit our FAQ’ – essentially supplemental information that can educate them on your brand before they take action,” she said. “It’s about making that process as simple as possible.”

Some action items Cassie suggests marketers incorporate in service to putting the customer experience first include:

  • Ensuring your website has a crystal-clear value proposition
  • Making call-to-action buttons or graphics unmissable
  • Researching what matters to consumers and incorporating that brand info

“I think a lot of times people won’t take an action because they’re not being asked to,” Cassie says. “By asking them and providing a clear step for them to take that action, we’re optimizing their experience in a really easy way.”

This is especially true on social media, Cassie says. When there’s so much noise on one platform, making it incredibly easy for people to engage more with your brand is a simple and clever way to put the customer experience first – and keep them coming back for more.

“I think we focus so much on the external appearance of our business, then realize the consistency of service is not all across the customer journey.” — Cassie Tucker

Keep up with the trends when they’re right for your brand

Thanks to the ever-changing nature of social media platforms, the ongoing demands of algorithms and the shifting goalposts of consumer demand, the future of marketing is always changing. To remain relevant and continue speaking to your audience, it’s essential that you’re willing to evolve and iterate both internally and externally, says Cassie.

“Be open to letting your business evolve and always refine your message,” she says. “The demands and requests of clients are going to change, especially as new trends pop up, and being open to those changes will help you stay relevant even as the industry moves on.”

Asking for client feedback is another great way to continue evolving, growing and iterating, says Cassie. Just like you’d consider every touchpoint a consumer encounters while interacting with your brand, so too should you think about the touchpoints your clients have with you. Honing your communication, internal processes and the ways you approach your work is an ongoing process – but being willing to tackle it is what will set you apart from the rest.

“This is a journey that you’ll go on throughout your entire life of building a business,” she says. “As long as you’re open to that and you’re adapting and improving, I think you’re going to set yourself up for success.”

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