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Are Business Cards Still a Useful Way to Promote Your Brand?


Hear what the experts have to say about paper business cards vs. digital business cards.

Despite humanity’s astonishing technological advancements, more than ten billion business cards are still printed each year in the U.S. alone. 

Before technology and social media sites like LinkedIn and Instagram, business cards were the most common way to exchange contact information or promote your business. And they remain quite popular; there’s still no better way to put your brand into someone’s hands at a moment’s notice.

Practical purpose aside, the font, color scheme and paper stock you choose for your business cards also let you show off your style. And customers tend to judge your business based on the quality of your business cards.

Custom business cards still serve these crucial functions, but now there are countless digital alternatives to keep track of your contacts and display your brand. 

So, are you wondering if business cards are going the way of the dinosaur? The answer depends on who you ask, of course. Who better to ask than the well-known global media company Forbes Magazine.

What’s Forbes Agency Council Saying?

Forbes is widely considered a global expert in business and entrepreneurship. The publication has more than 28,000 journalists. And Forbes’ digital magazine has over 78 million readers in the U.S. alone and six million magazine subscribers.

In 2021, Forbes won 56 awards, hosted 145 live events and published 42 global editions of Forbes Magazine. Needless to say, Forbes Magazine is a go-to expert in all things business related.

Forbes Agency Council is an invitation-only community for senior-level agency executives. Forbes says its members are “respected leaders and executives of PR, media, creative and ad agencies who are selected for the council based on the depth and diversity of experience in their industry. 

Forbes asked their experts if they thought business cards were dead. Let’s see what a few of them had to say.

Four Experts Weigh In

1. Ahmad KarehTwistlab Marketing

Creative Cards Get Shared 

"A business card is, in many cases, the first tangible impression of your business, and it's much more personal than an email or a LinkedIn invitation. Beyond that, business cards that are creative and stand out aren't only sticky and memorable, but they get shared with more and more people, continuing to promote your business and brand."

2. Kristopher JonesLSEO.com

For In-Person Networking, Cards Are More Professional And Last Longer

“Business cards can still make a powerful impression on prospective clients. I don't believe email is too informal. Still, business cards are far more professional to bring to a face-to-face meeting. An email can be lost in a sea of spam and contact folders; a business card will remain in a client's wallet for years. Plus, if you're networking or giving an elevator pitch, it always helps to have the card.”

3. Duree RossDurée & Company.com

Business Cards Show Your Brand And Style

"I am a tactile person, and the look and feel (paper thickness) of a business card speaks volumes about the person and the company. For someone in PR, I think they are critical to show your brand and elevate your look among competitors. I have my business cards hand-printed on a letterpress and always get a comment whenever I hand one out."

4. Chris AkeGrand Apps

The Quality Of Your Card Reflects The Quality Of Your Business

“When I receive a business card, I create an opinion about the company as soon as the card touches my hand. Is it thin and flimsy? Is it thick cardstock? Was it printed? Was it embossed? Is it a standard business card size? To me, having a quality business card equates to having a successful business.” 

The Bottom Line - It’s Personal

After reading what these experts have to say, did you decide that choosing paper business cards is situational and deeply personal? If so, you're not alone. 

Experts agree that digital and paper business cards both have a place in the modern business culture. There's no reason why your brand shouldn't have both. That way, you can choose which to use depending on the situation and your audience.

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